The craft beer street in Warsaw

A Walk Down the Nowogrodzka Street

There are several streets in Warsaw that can be considered entertainment streets. Numerous places such as pubs and bars are located there where you can gather with friends or meet someone new. In short: places where nightlife flourishes. And among them there is one street where craft life flourishes.

The street

Aleje Jerozolimskie is one of the most important communication arteries in Warsaw. They run through the centre, connecting eastern and western part of the city. There is one small street parallel to Aleje Jerozolimskie which has been enjoying political fame for some time now: Nowogrodzka street.

It is 2200 meters long and also has a long history as it has probably been present since the fifteenth century. This is where the Warsaw-Vienna railway station was once situated and is gone now; however, there are points that played certain roles during the last war and Warsaw Uprising.

History enthusiasts can also have a look at Mysia street, where before 1989 resided Polish Censorship. Those interested in architecture will appreciate the Modernist building of the Telecommunications and Telegraphic Office. It is also worth to check Koszykowa Street and see the phenomenal Warsaw Filters. Shopaholics should take a look at Vitkac.

Nowogrodzka street

However, we are interested in yet another side of Nowogrodzka. Party life takes places mainly in the section between Bracka to Marszałkowska streets. Here three famous multitaps are situated. street map

Kufle i Kapsle

The first place is also the first multitap in Warsaw which was opened in 2013. Kufle i Kapse (KIK) quickly became one of the most important craft places in Warsaw.

Kufle i Kapsle pub

This is where grand premieres, meetings with breweries or home brewers’ events took place at the beginning of craft beer revolution. Today it has to face various competition but it is still popular. Kufle i Kapsle consists of two small halls and a summer garden. It usually opens at 2PM.

  • Address: 25 Nowogrodzka street
  • Beer taps: 16
  • Food: snacks


Going a bit further Nowogrodzka Street it is worth to enter Jabeerwocky on the opposite side of the street. The pub was opened in 2015. It also has two halls but they are considerably larger than those at KIK. A large garden is set up every summer facing the entrance.

Jabeerwocky pub

Despite being quite big, the place can sometimes be crowded. Inside it’s decorated in red bricks and rock’n’roll graphics. Jabeerwocky often cooperates with breweries creating its own beers. Usually opens at 2PM.

  • Address: 12 Nowogrodzka street
  • Beer taps: 17
  • Food: hot-dogs, chili, wings, ribs, panini and snacks

Drugie Dno

Going further Nowogrodzka street one should cross Krucza street and after a short while we see another pub with fabulous beer. Multitap Drugie Dno is the youngest of all three; opened in 2016.

Drugie Dno pub

It is a two-story place: the ground floor has two rooms, plus a mezzanine. One of them is open to the kitchen, because Drugie Dno is also a restaurant serving full meals of which burgers are certainly worth trying. The third room is located in the basement and has its own (rented for events) taps mounted in the illuminated glassy cold room. The decor is industrial, made of raw bricks, metal, gold paint and factory lamps. Summer beer garden is available at the outside.

  • Address: 4 Nowogrodzka street
  • Beer taps: 15
  • Food: steaks, burgers, quesadillas, burritos, wings, lunch menus, salads, nachos and snacks


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